Sunday, 24 January 2016

The dress that gave me confidence

In a week time on Saturday the 30th of January, I am graduating my foundation degree from university. I graduate twice this year due to the fact that I took that course and am currently studying for a BA in journalism.

Due to the fact it is a huge achievement for me, I wanted a really pretty dress and well, I found the perfect one for me. And it came with an extra.

So here is 'The dress that gave me confidence'...

A month ago or so, my mother and I went to York to hit the shop's sales. Because this shop is one of my favourite ever, we hit vintage inspired fashion/home shop Cath Kidston.
Originally I went in for a skirt that I saw in the sale. Its weird because I fit into their tops and skirts but never the dresses. I don't know why but that has always been the case. Until now.
In the same floral pattern as the skirt, I thought 'why not' try on the dress. Plus the fact I love their dressing rooms because they are all flowery and cute but anyway!
-Here is the skirt in the online sale, there wasn't the dress on the website-
Low and behold, the dress actually fitted me.
Like this has never happened before.

I feel so pretty and cute and girly and confident in this dress, like I can do anything.
It might sound weird but after so many years of missing out on buying pretty dresses and saying 'why can't they do a size bigger', I can say that I am finally confident in they way I look and that I have lost weight and that I actually feel pretty for once!
Who knew a visit to Cath Kidston and trying on a dress would give me so much confidence!
Roll on graduation on Saturday!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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