I'm feeling 22

Well today is the day I turn 22. Yes, I too have been singing that Taylor Swift song. After finishing work this morning, I was wondering what to do on my day. My mum was at work and I don't like opening presents on my own, there is no fun in that! So instead I decided to put on some makeup and dance around in my bedroom to my music like every other normal 22 would do.

Due to this, I thought I might as well post the look I went for. Think a fluffy unicorn!

So here is 'It's my birthdayyyyy (Makeup Look)'...

The products I used:

Define Eyebrow brush, £1 (One Similar)

I know this is a simple look but I felt happy and pretty today so I wanted my makeup to reflect that!
I used to dislike pink so much but now I love it, especially if its a pastel shade.
And of course, I have to leave the link to Taylor Swift's song as I am only 22 once!
All together now... I don't know about you but I'm feeling 22!!!!!!!!!!
Well that is enough from me today, I am going to go and stuff my face with birthday cake and leftover sweets from yesterday!
Until next time

All photographs my own!


  1. Lovely look, Caz. Your skin is amazing too - would love to see a skincare routine post, or fave skincare products?! :) xx

    Sincerely, Sarah xx

    1. Aww thank you Sarah and I have never thought about doing one of these but I will do one now! x


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