Exploring Durham

Over the end over of 2017 and new year, I spent six days at my boyfriend's house. He owns a house just outside of Durham and because I haven't really explored the beautiful city before [minus the first time I stayed over at his and spent an hour in the dark trying to work out where I am], I really wanted to go into the city and have a mooch about.

Ryan finally took me on a lil' adventure around his hometown and what a stunning city it is. Now, this will be a photo based post, showing the beauty of the historic northern city, but honestly, in the cold crisp wintery air and the Christmas decorations still up, Durham really is a lovely place to visit. This will be a photo based post, just to show off this city but I will include some little facts in between.

Get ready to have a wander around Durham...

Such pretty buildings create the streets of this beautiful city. Fell in love with the green building, it is sooo cute, and along with the canny Christmas tree, how preeeeetty!


After having a stroll around the shops and walking along the river [how romantic], we headed off to the landmark of the city. Durham Cathedral. Honestly, it looks so splendidly stunning in the sunlight, with the intricate details on the outside to create a beautiful structure and the breath taking  stain glass windows, I was mesmerised by the beauty of it.  
The Cloister Garth is also where they filmed Harry Potter, which I found pretty cool [as a sang the HP theme song walking along the squared outside corianders.

This was just a cute building outside the Cathedral, it looks so lovely with that big tree and traditional red post box there!

And there you go, what a beautiful city Durham is!
Until next time

All photographs are my own
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