A perfect embroidered bag

First things first guys, Happy New Year!!!!!! I hope 2017 will treat you all well and have a fabulous next 12 months!

We begin this blogging year with a fashion post and with a bag that has my heart!
At the end of last week, my time working at Marks and Spencer was over. From October half term to New Years Eve, I was working as a customer assistant in the beauty department and my gosh, I loved working there so much! I was so sad to leave but it isn't really goodbye because I go every Monday. Aye, they don't get rid of me that easily!

Anyway, as it was my last week and I still had my staff discount, I thought I would treat myself to a little something, a little thing to remember my time there... Or that's what I told meself when I purchased it hahaha!

When I was helping out at the footwear department for one shift, I came across this delightfully perfect bag and well, I couldn't resist getting it as it was just that, perfect!

So here is 'A perfect embroidered bag'...

How beautiful is this bag though?!?!?!?!?!
Did I mention it is perfect?
I am just so in love.
From the pretty pale pink colour to that lovely embroidered floral print, urgh I am so happy I saw this and actually bought it!
The fact it has a top handle but also a strap inside makes me super duper happy, with also three pockets, one zipped, as well! 
In July next year, I am going to my cousin's wedding and this is perfect for that summery big day!
Can you tell I am absolutely in love with this bag?!
Well there you have it, the first post of 2017 is up!
Until next time
All photographs my own! 


  1. OMG this is the most beautiful bag everrrr! It's sooo my style, I'm incredibly jealous of you! x

    1. It is utterly perfect ain't it! I am so in love! x


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