Flour Power


And because of this yummy fact, I will be showing you how to make the delicious treat and various topping you can have with it.

The equipment needed, plus a
mixing bowl
The recipe:

Cook: 30 minutes
Difficulty level: Easy
Serves: 8
Suitable for vegetarians

100 grams plain flour
2 eggs
300ml semi skimmed milk
1 tablespoon of sunflower or vegetable oil, plus extra for frying
a pinch of salt


1. Put the flour and the pinch of salt in a mixing bowl. Make a well in the centre. Crack both eggs into the middle of the well, the tablespoon of oil and pour in a splash (50ml roughly) of the milk and stir ingredients. TIP: start stirring from the middle. Beat until you have a thick, smooth paste. Add a little bit more milk if it is too stiff to beat.

2. Next, add a good splash of milk to loosen the batter, whisk to combine. Add the remaining milk gradually whilst whisking continuously. Leave the batter for 5-10 minutes.

3. Heat the frying pan over a medium heat and add oil. Put some of the batter mix. If you have a ladle then you use this but if not then use a tablespoon. Quickly tilt the pan so the batter covers the base. Turn the mix every 30 seconds to make it golden but keep on checking!!! You can flip the frying pan to turn the pancake over but you can just use flat piece of equipment. Make sure the pancake is lying flat and not turned over at the edges.

4. After it is cooked then place it on a warm plate, choose your topping and enjoy!

NOTE: you can freeze the pancakes for a month. Wrap them in cling film. If you want to out them in a container also they do.


Here are my favourite things to have with pancakes, both sweet and savoury:
  1. Golden/Maple Syrup
  2. Strawberries with golden syrup
  3. Bananas (sliced) with toffee sauce
  4. Melted chocolate
  5. A small squeeze of lemon juice
  6. Pineapple with maple syrup
  7. Pineapple with crushed meringues
  8. Bacon (I have quorn bacon) and scrambled eggs
  9. Cheese with grilled tomatoes
  10. Raspberry sauce with crushed meringues
The toppings I used!

Maple syrup, can also use golden syrup
if you prefer that
Lemon juice

Pineapple and maple syrup
Pineapple with meringues

Raspberry sauce with meringues

Well, that is it! Happy pancake cooking!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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